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Rotoscoping Research

Rotoscoping is a technique used to create animation by essentially tracing over a real life video frame by frame to create a lifelike motion look. Back before computers they would use a glass panel to trace over the image, the... Continue Reading →


Rotoscoping Draft

Since I'm new to the rotoscoping technique I decided to create a draft lasting about 5 seconds to get an idea of what my finished project would look like. I was also new to using Adobe Animate so I thought... Continue Reading →

Rotoscoping Draft  

Production diary

  Week 1 (01/02/18): Today we started filming and went to Ham common which was about a 30 minute walk from our campus. Since this was our first time at the common we spent a fair time scouting around looking... Continue Reading →

Website Design

The next stage was to recreate my website sketches, digitally in illustrator. Even though I have my website designed through sketches I still anticipated quite a lot would change since once made digitally it can look a lot different then... Continue Reading →

Stanley chow research FMP

Stanley Chow Stanley Chow is a well known illustrator and artist who was born in 1974 and raised in Manchester. He was often in his parents chip shop trying to find ways to entertain himself which mostly involved chip shop... Continue Reading →

Motion Graphic research Idea

I decided to make a research page to help me with the plan for my fmp using previous professional work to help inspire me. I don't particular have a lot of experience with motion graphics so I hope to take... Continue Reading →

App design research

When desgining an app two things will come into the spotlight which are UI-User Interface- The ui is what the user can see and actually interact with. This will most likely include how the app is seen by the user... Continue Reading →

Live action trailer planning

Synopsis: Prop Planning: Costume Planning: Location: Lighting Planning: Mise En Scene: Script: Scene 1 – [Shot tracks across a lake] Scene 2 – [Camera tracks inwards on a deceased Jordan] Scene 3 – [Camera tracks above the face of a... Continue Reading →

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