Jordan Hunte


Sign in Mood Board

To help me with inspiration I decided to create mood board from well designed apps. From the research I've done I have noticed that they tend to keep it very simple so the user doesn't get confused. They often contain... Continue Reading →

Interactive App Design (Muse)

I decided to create a quick show of the interactivity of my app using Adobe Muse. For this I made a few pages in Adobe Muse and created hyperlinks on some buttons to link it to a certain page to... Continue Reading →

For this task, we were told to create a character that resembles me inside Adobe Fuse. We were given the foundation to create our character and then had to go on to alter the parts from there. For the face,... Continue Reading →

Barry Maya

For this task we were told to take the pre-designed character 'Barry' and create a complete walk cycle for him inside maya. To create this we were told to set up a character rig for Barry. By doing this we could... Continue Reading →

Background design

Games Character Design

Initial character design My main character of my scroller is 'zip' the detective. Zip is dressed in a yellow long coat with a bandit hat that covers the top half of his face. My characters overall look plays into the... Continue Reading →

Maya shape animation

To get used to maya we were given the task of creating our first animation, which was to be multiple moving shapes. The first thing to do in maya when animating is to start off by setting the actual settings... Continue Reading →

Maya Lighting/ Arnold

The Six types of light sources ambient – brightens all parts of the scene uniformly useful for simulating a combination of direct and indirect lighting directional – even illumination of a scene using parallel rays of light useful far away... Continue Reading →

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