Jordan Hunte

App research (football)

I created a mood board of current football apps in order to help me with some ideas that could be taken as inspiration to help create mine. Although I will be looking for layouts and ideas to take, I intend... Continue Reading →


Maya spaceship

To get familiar with the new software (Maya) we were told to play around with the tools and create a spaceship. Through this, I learned the importance of placement and without using translations for the x and y-axis the individual... Continue Reading →

Maya Research

Careers in 3D animation graphic designers - By using programmes such as Adobe Photoshop, graphic designers develop visual concepts that convey messages. They will then have to pass on the ideas to the next stage so presentation is very important.... Continue Reading →

Maya Bouncing ball

For this task we were told to create an animation of a ball bouncing in maya, taking in to account lifelike physics. The first thing I made sure to do for this task was to change my camera setting to... Continue Reading →

Wire framing a Calendar app

I first created a brief moodboard of some of the calander apps you would find on your phone, from this I can then get an idea of how to layout and structure when creating a wireframe for my own designs.... Continue Reading →

Holiday design

We were asked to create a holiday leaflet for a chosen destination using indesign. We originally designed a leaflet with little knowledge on how to structure and layout a leaflet to create an aesthetically pleasing design. After having my previous... Continue Reading →

Social apps

FACEBOOK Wireframes and journey Aesthetics The Facebook has an iconic blue which is simplistic design. The app has a very basic list-like structure of buttons that redirects the user to the page. The background of the app uses a full white colour with... Continue Reading →

My scroller

 Plot: My game will be a 2d side scroller. The game is set in the current age, in various locations around the globe. 'Zip' the private detective is a amazing at what he does and therefore scouts the world for... Continue Reading →

Retro games

SPACE INVADERS (1978) Space invaders was one of the earliest shooter aracde games and pathed the away for the future shooter games. Space invaders revolutionised not only the shooter scene but also the whole gaming scene as it was the... Continue Reading →

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